Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Various - More of Our Stupid Noise '98 (1996/98, Squirtgun/Nettwerk)

Damn, I'm not sure how this killer and amazingly consistent compilation eluded Wilfully Obscure for so long, particularly considering I've had it in my possession for well over ten years now.  Originally minted on Can-indie Squirtgun Records in 1996, More Of Our Stupid Noise was reissued two years later on the much higher profile Nettwerk label, with a revamped track list as More of Our Stupid Noise '98.  Boasting a 25-act lineup that read like a who's who of subrosa talent from the era, ...Stupid Noise wasn't a "sampler," so much as a thoughtfully assembled time capsule that's held up remarkably well over the years.  Comprised predominantly of tuneful, albeit frequently noisy indie rock and punk-pop bands (with plenty of cross-pollination of those two varieties I might add), the compilation clearly has a Canadian emphasis with over 90% of it's participants hailing from my neighbors to the north. 

Appearing here are a slim batch of outfits already featured on these pages including Shortfall, The New Grand and Versus, the last of whom are one of the only American entries, who are kind enough to contribute a live version of an early gem, "Forest Fire." Lo(wer)-fi excursions from Poledo, Moon Socket, Orange Glass, and Eric's Trip are a delectable treat, and speaking of Eric's Trip, two offshoots from those Moncton luminaries also make a showing here, namely Elevator to Hell and Julie Doiron.  The more sonically sophisticated Mystery Machine, Bionic, By Divine Right, Radioblaster, and Scratching Post are no slouches either, and in fact I've long been acquainted with the back catalogs of many of them.  As for the other Yankee entry besides Versus, Lou Barlow appears with what was at the time an exclusive track, the strident and vaguely anthemic "Blown Pony."  This terrific little ditty later came to light on a Sentridoh tour CD, from this year in fact.    

Sure, you can quibble that Sloan isn't represented here, but then again they didn't need to be given their top-billing profile at the time.  Even a quick run through of More Of Our Stupid Noise is bound to pique your curiosity regarding some of the unknown quantities on this bountiful roster, so if there's anyone in particular you're interested in hearing more of, request to your hearts content because, I just might be able to accomodate you.  Dig in.  BTW, cheap used/new copies are available from Amazon.  Comes in a spiffy orange jewel case.   

01. Bionic, "C'mon C'Mon"
02. Shortfall, "Drive"
03. Scratching Post, "Full Throttle"
04. Radioblaster, "Perfect Burn"
05. The Ids, "Pain and Beauty"
06. Lou Barlow, "Blown Pony"
07. Mystery Machine, "What I Want"
08. Elevator to Hell, "Veins/Green"
09. Poledo, "Herskin"
10. hHead, "Want"
11. Speedbuggy, "Bionica"
12. By Divine Right, "Bigfoot"
13. Squirrel, "superforgettor"
14. Versus, "Forest Fire"
15. Julie Doiron, "So Fast"
16. Hayden, "A Fortune I'd Kept"
17. Moon Socket, "Almost Spring"
18. Hip Club Groove, "Guaranteed"
19. The Suddens, "A Rhyme That No One Understands"
20. Orange Glass, "Feel 500"
21. Eric's Trip, "So Easier Last Time"
22. Len, "Trillion Daze"
23. The Bonaduces, "You're So Lame When You're Drunk"
24. The New Grand, "Yours Truly"
25. Noah's Arkweld, "Xfriend"


Rinjo Njori! said...

A chimp on the cover? You got me

mike downey said...

Thanks! There was another Squirtgun Records comp that collected their singles. Had The New Hardship Post songs on it that i've been searching for for years. You wouldn't happen to have that would ya?

Thanks for all of the great music. Keep up the great work!

joseph kyle said...

there's something i'm looking for, if you have it and can post it i will love you forever...and maybe you did post it?

anyway, i'm looking for this
sweet little bad-boy.

spavid said...

Hey Mike. I have no idea about that compilation, but it sounds like it would be up my alley too. Do you know the name of it?

I have the Poplicks 7" singles somwhere, but not the box. I'll have to dig them up for a future post.

mike downey said...

yo spavid,
The comp was called "squirtgun records : the singles 1995-1997" and I found a review here:

spavid said...

Thanks Mike. Looks like I won't be finding a copy of that singles comp anytime soon :(

Patrick Fiset said...


Would it be possible to have a new link for this one please?


spavid said...

The link has been updated.

kurganwins said...

Sorry drat its gone again. Thank you

Koyott said...

Reup Please !! Many Thanks !

CvsN said...

New Re-Up Please & Thank You!!!
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