Monday, November 8, 2010

Singles Going Single #147 - As Clear As Day "Some Excited Feeling" 7" (1984?, Rampant)

Don't have an abundance of time for a write-up on this one, but conveniently there isn't much background info to be had on this Aussie quartet.  Two slices of buoyant, indie jangle pop exhibiting faint shades of the Chills, and to a lesser degree XTC, not far removed from another Rampant Records band from the same era, The Odolites, who I've already dedicated a few entries to.  This 45 may or may not have been all As Clear As Day had to offer the world during their presumably brief run.  A not-so-smoothly edited live clip of "Some Excited Feeling" is available at your leisure on YouTube.

A. Some Excited Feeling
B. Without Compromise

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