Monday, January 21, 2013

Summer Suns - Greatest (2008, House of Wax)

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It's difficult to say who among the throngs of talented indie guitar-pop outfits that called Perth, Australia home in the mid-80s onward was "king" so to speak.  Take your pick - DM3, Stems, Triffids, Early Hours, and Marigolds amongst the most preeminent of the bunch.   As luck would have it, Dom Mariani who headed the first two of that lot I just rattled off, hooked up with Kim Williams (formally of the Holy Rollers) for what was to be a brief one-off recording session in '86 that ultimately yielded a new life force of it's own in the shape of the Summer Suns.  Mariani, having had his day in the Sun, left the band not long after they had gestated, leaving Williams as CEO.  Once referred to as a "revolving door for Western Australia's premiere pop musicians" due to ever shifting lineups, the Suns shined more resplendent jangle than garage-addled angst, and I wouldn't have done it the other way around.  Right up until the mid-90s, Williams and Co. recorded for such iconic indie imprints as we Get Hip, Bus Stop, Parasol and Waterfront, leaving behind an album, two eps and roughly a half-dozen singles.  Greatest, as it's title capably implies, is a creme de la creme compendium, entailing roughly 60-70% of the Summer Suns discography.  Limited to a CD pressing of 1000 copies, it quickly sold out a few years ago, but fear not, it's available here and now, ready to regale you with such diamonds as "She Understands," "Brighter Than the Sun," and "Ash and Cinders."

01. Thank You Holly
02. Ash and Cinders
03. Why SayNo
04. She Understands
05. Another Carrie Anne
06. Samantha
07. The Angel Angeline
08. Brighter Than the Sun
09. Why I Fell
10. Politics of Love
11. All for Her
12. Love in Stone
13. In Your Eyes
14. Waiting for My Love
15. Meltdown
16. Honeypearl
17. Rachel Anne
18. Girl in a Mexican Restaurant
19. All Away
20. Hey Little Sister
21. Stephanie
22. Run Like Hell


Michael Lekas said...

Thanks for posting this album! It is a really strong collection & has inspired me to buy the CD from the band via discogs:

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