Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Adding Machine - Suspicious Package (2000, First Alert Doppler)

Here's a fairly young relic from a co-ed Seattle contingent I introduced ya'll to many moons ago, via a split release with them and Mars Accelerator.  I mentioned in that entry I was impressed enough by Adding Machine's side of the affair to investigate this album.  Suspicious Package isn't particularly suspect per se, but it's inconsistency is hard to overlook.  The good: Adding Machine are crisp, adept players, allocating the precise dosage of clangy, strummy fretwork that often emanates the same stripe of synergy that the Sugarplastic made their calling card.  The not so good: vocalist Jason Roos, whose nerdy aptitude falls shy of torpedoing the ship, but a bitch to get accustomed to nonetheless.  Package's wry observations are best unwrapped when abetted by a healthy serving of melody, employed to it's fullest extent on "I Like It That Way" and "Will You Remember Me?"

01. Thank You, Arlys
02. Binars
03. Dvorak
04. Crime Scene
05. I Like It That Way
06. Chicken, Chicken
07. Lenawee
08. A Return to Quality
09. Will You Remember Me?
10. Little Sally Haircit
11. Jenny's Identity Crisis
12. What's Up Wanda L?
13. Excitement!

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