Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rhythm Corps (Method) - Esprit de Corps ep (1985, Metro Media) + re-rip of Paquet de Cinq ep

I was reintroduced to the Rhythm Corps (formally Rhythm Method) two years ago when I caught the original 1982 version of "Solidarity" on a college radio program.  I quickly sought out the record it was derived from, Paquet de Cinq, and dedicated some space to it last year.  It barely sounded like the work of the same band that found a modicum of mainstream success in the late '80s, who by that stage had undergone quite the sonic overhaul.  Filling the gap between Paquet and the the Common Ground album cut for Columbia in 1988, came another ep, Esprit de Corps.  I resisted Esprit... upon first blush, but despite Rhythm Corps deeper embrace of slick, Reagan-era studio finesse the songs comprising the ep eventually began to stick (although I'll probably always regard them as inferior to more poignant, solid-gold nuggets like "Broken Haloes").  I've given you the opportunity to make up your own mind below, and conveniently bundled with it is an alternate rip of Paquet de Cinq, taken from a cleaner vinyl copy.  Click on the hyperlink above for my original spiel on that disk.

Esprit de Corps
01. Entertainment
02. Two By Two
03. Sweet Salvation
04. Vanishes
05. Night and Day  

Paquet de Cinq (1982)
01. Broken Haloes
02. I'm Not the Man
03. Figure and Face
04. Solidarity
05. All in Vain


Centurian said...

thanks for this post Mate.

I grew up in outer Detroit area and saw Rhythm Corp at an MSU event back in 82 or 83. loved them since.


Unknown said...

Any chance of a reupload of this and Paquet de Cinq?

Unknown said...


jkl4872 said...

Hate to ask, but...any chance of another reupload of this and Paquet de Cinq?

Unknown said...

I still have all their stuff. drop me a line at if needed