Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blake Babies - 9/11/91, Stache's, Columbus, OH

Here's my second convenient segue in as many days.  The mere mention of the Blake Babies in the last night's Mysteries of Life entry prompted me to delve into my trove of live shows.  Out came this little gem - perhaps not a show for the ages, as they say, but still very good.  Best of all, for you "lossless" types in the audience, I've decided to keep this one intact.  Translation: these files are in FLAC, not MP3. 

Recorded ten years to the day in advance of what was to be the most monumental tragedy on American soil, the Blake Babies performance at Stache's in Columbus was captured by an attendee, with the audio quality rivaling that of a soundboard tape.  The band was touring in support of the Sunburn album, and it's subsequent ep, Rosy Jack World.   Plenty of deep cuts make it into the set, and the trio saves covers of Wire's "Outdoor Miner" and Dino Jr.'s "Severed Lips" for dessert. 

A very big thank you to whomever recorded this concert, assembled the artwork (wasn't me on either count) and for just plain making this available.  I'm also sharing the Babies' Sunburn demos and Nicely, Nicely ep. 

01. Cesspool
02. Take Me
03. Out There
04. I'm Not Your Mother
05. Lost & Saved
06. I'll Take Anything
07. Youre Way Or The Highway
08. Sanctify
09. Downtime
10. Temptation Eyes
11. Rain
12. All I Need
13. Star
14. Outdoor Miner
15. Severed Lips
16. Nirvana


sigmasix said...

hey! thanks for this- i'm looking forward to hearing this. I gotta thank you for this blog. I've learned so much and heard so much new music through your musings n stuff.
Two things: the sunburn demos are no longer there.
I love brainiac, but can never find any of the eps or singles anywhere- i understand there is some sort of Brainiac 7inch collection as well as some demo tapes that are waaay cool. do you have any Brainiac (ohio band) knowledge/info?

spavid said...

Thanks for the kind words sigmasix! I just updated the Sunburn demos link. Unfortunately I have nothing rare to share by Brainiac. Sorry!

the thievery corporation said...

hi, Thank you for this. I search for sunburn lp. Impossible to find it. An idea ?

decrepitude said...

Thank you, truly, for the only opportunity I'll likely get to ever hear the Blake Babies live, and what a glorious show.

cruise_elroy said...

WOW. thank you! i was at this show. having missed them opening for fIREHOSE a few months prior, i was outta my mind to see 'em when they came back headlining (run westy run opened, still have the flier somewhere). this was one of the first bar shows i ever saw, since i woulda just turned 16 and could therefore drive. think the first one was babes in toyland at the same club; maybe i'll find that tape someday! haha. thanks again!

thgepassenger said...

It was I that recorded this show. Glad to see there is still an interest!

Rob-in-Brevard said...

I would really enjoy hearing this one.

Would you be so kind as to re-it-up?

Thanks a bunch.

spavid said...

The link has been updated.