Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Ant Lions 7" (1986, Naked Mango)

Yet another Google-devoid commodity, this time from a jangly El Cajon, CA export called The Ant Lions.  Going on a first name basis only (that's Michael, John and Kurt) whomever was relegated to guitar in this trio was most likely an acolyte of Peter Buck, Johnny Marr, and perhaps even Marty Wilson Piper.  In league with that very trifecta, the Ant Lions skewed more towards folk than power chords, and all the better IMO.  Really impressed by the A-side here.  If anyone has the dirt on these fellows please fill us in!

A. Far From the Madding Crowd
B. I Don't Think So


ffi said...

Hey spavid,

I couldn't see any other way to contact you, so I thought I'd try this. Hope you see it.

I've been trying to track down the artist of a random song I tapped off CBC radio circa 1994. It's become a bit of a game now, as nobody has been able to identify it for almost two decades :)

Here's the best recording I could get:

Do you have any idea who this is?

Thanks in advance for any tips you might have,


spavid said...

Hey Darren. Just listened to the track, and I'll be damned if I can identify it either. I know CBC played a LOT of Can-indie stuff back in the day, meaning this could be an unknown local artist. Good luck in your quest, and let me know if you find out.

ffi said...

He spavid,

Thanks giving it listen. My thoughts too. It's gotta be something local.

I've hit up Dave Bookman (CFNY Indie Hour host) and he's got no clue. If he doesn't know I don't know who would.

I'll let you know if I find it,



Anonymous said...

Hiya spavid,
"The Ant Lions" members were Kurt Vavra on Bass, Michael House on guitar/vocals and John, I can't recall his last name, on drums. The only single released was this one, Michael House (me) is still a musician and film maker, Kurt Vavra became an artist but died in 2003 in a car accident, and John moved to the east coast. If I recall correctly we sold 2500 of these 45s. I haven't heard it since 86 and frankly I am a little scared to, but thanks for posting this and the kind words - you nailed it, we were into REM (the IRS REM) really into Johnny Marr, early Aztec camera, any pop that used interesting chords and wrote songs. Fun times believe me.
All the best,
Michael House

spavid said...

Hi Michael. Really appreciate you filling me in on the Ant Lions. Very sorry to hear about Kurt. You have nothing to be scared about, as I really enjoyed both sides of your record. Thanks.

Unknown said...

I was given a free copy of the Ant Lions 45 at Blue Meanie Records in El Cajon when I was 15 in 1986. I tried to get into it but it was ahead of my taste at the time. Crazy that the name and title are still stuck in my head.

spavid said...

Cool. A buddy of mine used to work there. I'm from the east coast but had the opportunity to visit BM in 2003 before they closed.