Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Whooping Cranes - That's What I Need (1987, Zip)

The Whooping Cranes were a relatively approachable NYC post-punk proposition, but perhaps not immediately accessible.  Swiping a tad of Gang of Four's rhythmic ebb and flow, and spicing up their concoction with fretless bass guitar, the trio impress along the lines of Volcano Suns and  fIREHOSE (or more precisely the latter’s lesser known protégés of the period, Agitpop).  Melodic gestures crop up on “Away” and "Burning Bridges" that run vaguely parallel to early ’80s REM, but these examples are more the exception than the rule on That's What I Need.  A 45, "Hope," preceded the album in '86.

01. The Will is the Way
02. Never Turn Away
03. That Empty Space
04. Not My Type
05. Burning Bridges
06. Days Gone By
07. Away
08. What a Week
09. Creeping Shadows

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