Saturday, December 14, 2019

The Dugites - West of the World (1981, Deluxe)

Australia's long departed Dugites were one of my foremost rewarding retro-discoveries of 2019.  I shared their 1980 self-titled debut over the summer, and a lot of you seemed to concur.  Arriving one year later, their sophomore LP, West of the World followed a similar formula, and was nearly as consistent, albeit this time around the bubble-gummy aesthetic was curtailed just a tad and the Blondie-isms weren't quite as apparent.  Helmed by frontwoman Lynda Nutter, the Dugites possessed an infectious pop acumen, and despite utilizing relatively traditional arrangements on "Part of Me," "There's a Place" and "No Noise," the band lends a certain sophistication to these tunes that elevates them into something remarkable.  The comparatively rapid-fire "Malcolm's Got a Problem" throws in an interesting dynamic as well, and believe it or not I even enjoy the more mature (i.e. "serious") ballads on here "Waiting" and "After the Game."

01. Part of Me
02. No Noise
03. Waiting
04. Malcolm's Got a Problem
05. Go to Sleep
06. There's a Place
07. Who Loves You More
08. Rely on Us
09. Being Used
10. After the Game

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