Thursday, December 5, 2019

The Visigoths - I.B.B.Y. ep (1985, Rexco)

I wasn't able to uncover much relevant info on The Visigoths, so forgive me if this write-up seems a tad brief.  A trio with apparent roots in Massachusetts, this less-than-gothic combo had a penchant for ballsy, searing garage rock on I.B.B.Y's roiling opener "If It Wasn't For Me."  The following piece "Raga Rock" is cut from moderately dissimilar cloth, and possesses a juicier vocal hook that really did the trick for me.  "Third Speaker From the Left" plays out like Twin/Tone-era Soul Asylum, not to mention former labelmates Agitpop, while "Syphillitic Urge" evidently didn't require any lyrics, though I enjoyed the keyboards.  This disc was a radio station copy, which I was successful in Photoshopping the call letters from on the front sleeve, the back not so much (however I found the caricatures amusing).

01. If It Wasn't For Me
02. Raga Rock
03. Third Speaker From the Left
04. Syphillitic Urge

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