Thursday, July 17, 2008

Singles Going Single #54: Bright - Plymouth Rock 7" (1998, Darla/Ba Da Bing!)

During the mid-to-late '90s, Boston's Bright were loosely lumped in with space rock/ambient revivalists like Fuxa and Windy & Carl. Unlike their droney contemporaries however, Bright often imbued their songs with some faint catchiness (when they made the extra effort that is). Imagine if you will, Bailter Space crashing the wedding of Stereolab and Sonic Youth. Instrumental amblers at heart, Bright could yank out a genuine hook or two, like the one tucked into this single's relatively charismatic "Plymouth Rock." Still making music, Bright lay claim to eight albums thus far, including the coveted Albatross Guest House from 1997, a fan and critical fave.

A. Plymouth Rock
B1. Superstrings
B2. Nova


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