Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Squares - Enjoy Yourself...and others (1987, Boat)

Earlier this year I learned of a CD reissue of a demo cassette from a long-lost ‘80s indie rock troupe from the Midwest dubbed The Squares. My enlightenment came via a Not Lame Records stock update of all sources. This reissue was of the band’s debut, Number 1 Cassette, which you can read about and order here. I was so impressed with “Cassette” that I investigated their subsequent releases, including the band’s first proper full-length, Enjoy Yourself…and Others. I have cut and pasted some background info on the Squares below to whet your appetite, but it’s safe to say that if you’re a fan of The Feelies, Figgs, or anywhere in between, Enjoy Yourself is bound to satisfy. My apologies for all the snaps and pops.

Here’s a great find from the mid-80s! Fans of The Bongos, The Feelies, early Talking Heads, The Reievers, REM and dBs, check the Squares! Basically, right after REM knocked the rock-n-roll Establishment on the head with Murmur, the sQuares left the corn fields of Indiana and headed north. For some unknown reason (cheap rent and beer?) the boys landed in Milwaukee.
“Although none of its members hailed from the Brew City, the Squares were one of Milwaukee's best bands in the 1980s, mixing high energy rock and roll with melodic pop in the style of the band's heroes Elvis Costello and REM. Although it only released one vinyl LP, "Enjoy Yourself (And Others)," one vinyl 45 and one CD, "Answer," the band was very prolific, recording a number of locally-released cassettes and more than a few unreleased tracks. In 1985 they spent most of their time writing songs and practicing. In the autumn of that year they spent a weekend in the studio and produced the critically acclaimed Number 1 Cassette.

01. Enjoy Yourself
02. Truth Is
03. Blue Notes
04. The Street
05. Chemical Bomb
06. World That Never Was
07. Existential Birthday
08. You Don’t Know Me
09. All Voices
10. Christmas
11. Well Protected
12. Ways to be Weird
13. Safety In Numbers


Bedazzler said...

This album is is #1 Cassette. Scott & Brian continued on as The Wooldridge Bros after The Squares. You can find their CDs online or used. Still great songwriting, but a little more matured.

Jim Allen said...


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I just digitized my vinyl of this....I have been living in Milwaukee for a while, and saw the Squares, and their subsequent efforts, playing out quite a few times.

I second the recco to search out their work as The wooldridge Bros.

Unknown said...

Just got around to listening to #1 cassette. Any chance of requesting an re-upload on this one?