Sunday, July 6, 2008

Singles Going Single # 51 - The Gloria Record 7" (1998, Crank!)

They may not have been the biggest and loudest (quite the reverse in fact), but The Gloria Record's "slow-core" imbued emo helped define the genre, at least the more contemplative strain thereof in the late '90s. The Gloria Record (or more precisely, singer/guitarist Chris Simpson and bassist Jeremy Gomez) had their roots in the Austin, TX-based Mineral. Mineral, along with Sunny Day Real Estate, and Christie Front Drive comprised a reluctant vanguard of bands who were unwittingly slapped with the emo tag, despite the fact that they bore little resemblance to the genre's mid-80s, originators like Rites of Spring and Embrace. For better or worse, that nomenclature wasn't the least bit misleading, given Mineral's aching, forlorn songs that pulled the wrenching heartstrings of those who were patient enough to acquire the taste. The Gloria Record were unarguably the logical progression from Mineral - quieter, delicate, fervently impassioned, but never maudlin or melodramatic. "Emo" soon infiltrated the mainstream, and was contorted into a caricature of itself, championed by love-lorn, My Space-d adolescent suburabnites too young to claim "Generation X" status. Comparatively speaking, the Gloria Record were the real deal. If you enjoy this single, you may want to investigate GR's self-titled ep, and full length, Start Here.

A. Grace the Snow is Here
B. And is it Ever



We're Late For Class said...
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saibangplaneta said...

I love the gloria record, of course sunny day and mineral is a requirement. hey do you have a link for a lull in traffic ive been looking and cant find one.

I have some slow-core/post hardcore mp3s. we can trade if you like...