Saturday, July 26, 2008

Singles Going Single #55: Vertigo - Rub 7"

If you ask me, Vertigo were the most conventional and approachable outfit to ever brandish an Amphetamine Reptile logo on their records, but that’s not to say they couldn’t kick up an unholy swill of sinewy distorto-punk on their more rockin’ releases like this one. A bass-less Mpls trio, Vertigo generally subscribed to the raw, aesthetics Am Rep was notorious for, while appealing to more pedestrian listeners with a decidedly linear approach. Compared to their more savage label-mates, like Halo of Flies and Hammerhead, Vertigo’s straight-shooting penchant ultimately failed to pay off, recording three full-lengths for the now defunct label that garnered nil attention. A tad non-descript at times, particularly on their often pedantic, mid-tempo albums, the band pulls it together on the Rub ep, featuring a quartet of their most ragin’ full-on tunes.

01. Rub
02. Murder by Guitar
03. Snakes
04. Smoked



jeff said...

glad you liked um'. never could get into them though. they were similar to another mpls band "tiltawihirl". both i always felt they were flat sounding. i have a promo flyer of them(vertigo) thats yours if you want it. leave a comment and i'll shoot you my e-mail. later

Brushback said...

Ooops! I just posted this last night, I missed that you'd posted it a few days earlier... plus I thought Vertigo were Aussies; guess I'm wrong.

Unknown said...

Please Re-upload