Sunday, July 27, 2008

Singles Going Single #56: The Halo Bit 7" (1992, spinART)

Providence, RI’s The Halo Bit featured Alex Kemp of Small Factory and Godrays notoriety. This single was released a couple years prior to Halo’s only LP, 1994’s Gravity (Is the Force That Brings You Down), also issued on the now defunct spinART Records. Sonically, the Halo Bit were almost completely analogous to Kemp’s full-time project of the era (Small Factory), swapping the gleefully twee element, in favor of a mildly downcast modus operandi. Offering three slices of modest, minor-chord indie pop, this chunk 'o wax will be highly palatable to connoisseurs thereof, just not particularly radical or revelatory.

A1. Stay Away For Awhile
A2. Peggy & Helen
B. Dad's House



Unknown said...

my hero! my rip of this has always been pretty weak, yours is much better.

Hookfinger said...

wow - i'm constantly surprised at what i run across. I had this single many years ago and enjoyed but not enough to hold onto through several moves/cullings. Is spinArt defunt? or just a reissue label? Do Jeff and Joel know this?

Thanks a nice little addition to the collection.

spavid said...

spinART has gone the way of the dinosaur. not sure who jeff and joel are.