Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Seafood - Messenger in the Camp (1998, Fierce Panda)

Seafood still seem like a “new” band to me, although they’re practically on the cusp of veteran status, having gestated all the way back in 1996. Hailing from London, the bands earliest efforts found them immersed in the wonders of Yankee indie-rawks sensations Sebadoh, and to a lesser degree Sonic Youth. If anything is to be emphasized about Seafood, it’s their startling sense of dynamics, particularly on Messenger in the Camp, a presently out-of-print compilation of their earliest singles on the Fierce Panda label. The impact of “Scorch Comfort,” and “Porchlight” may not be immediate, or for that matter the sharpest knives in their collective arsenal, but hint that their finest hours were not far in the offing.

Seafood’s excitement quotient has taken a back seat on their latest albums, but if you enjoy this, you’re bound to drool over their 2001 debut, Surviving the Quiet, not to mention the almost nearly bitchin’ follow-up, When Do We Start Fighting.

01. Scorch Comfort
02. Psychic Rainy Nights
03. Porchlight
04. Ukiah
05. Rot of the Stars
06. Dope Slax
07. We Felt Maroon
08. Dig
09. hidden track 
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Mark Tedman said...

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