Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Moped - It Won't Sound Any Better Tomorrow (1996, Summershine)

A '90s New Jersey coed trio, Moped’s buoyant indie guitar-pop struck me as an infectious merger between the Blake Babies and Versus. Humble in approach, but ultimately quite robust in execution, Moped managed to strike a perfect balance of practically everything throughout It Won’t Sound Any Better Tomorrow, their one and only full length. The combo followed this up with an equally consistent singles compilation, The Horrible Truth About Moped on Vital Cog Records a couple years later. Vocalist/drummer Kara Lafty went onto another likeminded, quality project, Sonny Sixkiller. And the rest is history. As for the absurd proposal broached on an answering machine in the mid-album cut “Bangs and Booms,” it’s safe to say there are some exceedingly bored individuals inhabiting Jersey…at least there were ten years or so ago.

01. Mouthsore
02. Stephaen Hero
03. Window Shopping
04. Turkey
05. Vague
06. Does Your Back Hurt
07. Hotel
08. Cheap Strings
09. Bangs and Booms
10. Roadtrip
11. Sibling
12. Bottle
13. Through the Cracks
14. Keep in Touch



Sam Adams said...

Don't forget that Bret Tobias went on to be part of the equally great (and sadly lamented) Bigger Lovers. Check 'em out if you haven't already.

simon said...

dragged it into my itunes and the first song that decided to play was "window shopping." holy shittt this is perfect.

whiteray said...

This might interest you: