Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Dentists - Naked 10" ep (1991, Independent Projects)

The Dentists weren’t the most renown ambassadors of the England’s mid-80s, C86 indie scene, but at their most potent they deserved their rightful place among movers and shakers like, the Wedding Present, Mighty Lemon Drops, and Close Lobsters. For an earful of prime, ringing, guitar-laden glory, there’s no better place to start than with the Dentists Dressed CD compilation of nascent singles and crucial album selections from their late ‘80s goldmine, which if you can’t find used, you can conveniently download here.

Naked, a 10” ep's worth of demos, recorded between 1984-87, released in ’91 as part of Independent Project Record’s “Archive Series,” is an undeniable treat for hardcore Dentists fans, and for that matter jangle-pop enthusiasts in general. The sprite, driving opener, “Ugly” is damn-near sublime, while “We Thought We’d Got to Heaven,” and “The Sun in Sands” offer thoughtful ruminations a la the Smiths, sans any of Morrisey's patented posturing and preening. In sum, not a bad little record.
01. Ugly
02. We Thought We'd Got to Heaven
03. Crimson Skies Again
04. The Sun in the Sands
05. Streets & Houses
06. Reading the News
07. Naked


Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you! :-)
I once had this e.p. and was desperately looking for it again, and voila here it is. "The sun in the sands" is just brilliant. Thanks for posting the link for "Dressed" (it's on my blog :-)

evr said...

This was a great release from an amazing band. Their first album and the stuff from Dressed is all pretty great!

Bruce from Independent Projects once gave me a cassette of tons of rare Dentists back in '90 and I have it all on a CDR somewhere. Any interest?

Shyri Skunk said...

hey thanks!!!!
good music!!

swim said...

This release is fantastic.

fuzz said...

thanks, i was missing this one

Unknown said...

Why did I get directed to a porn site when I clicked the "here" hyperlink???