Wednesday, December 9, 2009

V/A - Here Comes the Summer: The Undertones Tribute Compilation (1996, Square Target)

Someone recently inquired if I had The Figgs contribution to an Undertones tribute CD they appeared on several years ago. I've decided to fulfill that request and then some, by sharing the disk in it's entirety...and here it is. The Seattle based Square Target Records, who released music from The Deflowers and UFOFU (both featured on this blog and compilation), did a smash-up job paying tribute to one of the most exemplary proto pop-punk bands ever. Not only are some of the best songs from the Undertones repertoire marvelously covered here, the roster of bands paying homage reads like a creme de la creme, who's-who of mid-90s punk/garage rock dynamos: The Queers, cub, The Smugglers, Vacant Lot, The Shambles, and Pluto among others. The first two Undertones albums, 1979's Undertones, and Hypnotised a year later (both recently reissued for the second time) are the ones that most of Here Comes the Summer's participants draw from, and appropriately so (if you're a fan, you know exactly what I mean). If you like this tribute and have yet to hear the originals, go directly to Amazon or your record store of choice for the aforementioned albums, and plunk down some of the best money you'll ever spend.

01. Cub - Here Comes The Summer
02. Pansy Division - Male Model
03. Deflowers - You've Got My Number (Why Don't You Use It)
04. Clay Wheels - Top 20
05. UFOFU - Wednesday Week
06. Smugglers - (She's A) Runaround
07. Figgs - Boys Will Be Boys
08. Vacant Lot - More Songs About Chocolate And Girls
09. Queers - Get Over You
10. Pluto - Girls Don't Like It
11. Milkduds - Mars Bars
12. Shambles - It's Going To Happen
13. Odd Numbers - Teenage Kicks
14. Racetrain - Casbah Rock


Mark H said...

great tribute comp here. hard to keep a good song down, esp. when played by great bands. seems like as good a time to throw out a request for Vacant Lot's Wrong album if you have it.

Tidesworthy said...

Hello, Any chance of a Reup on this one?