Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Oysters - Green Eggs and Ham (1985, Taang!)

Were you to buy the 'experts' critique of this record on Trouser Press, you'd probably go away with the notion that The Oysters were little more than a bunch of inebriated, Replacements worshiping hacks. Some 24 years after the fact, I sure and hell am not about to request a breathalyzer test from this Beantown quartet anytime soon, and furthermore, I don't find such a lazy comparison to be accurate. If anything, the Oysters tilt more towards Mat's influenced bands such as The Magnolias, not to mention a long-running local bar band, Classic Ruins, who I introduced you to earlier this year. Hell, these guys even sound more competent than Sorry Ma-era Replacements, but I could do without some of the blues-rock detours like "Ballantine Stomp" and "Make it All Up to You" that recall George Thoroughgood a little too much for my liking. You can entertain yourself with the band's bio on Myspace by clicking the link above. My apologies for all the vinyl static.

01. Reeperbahn
02. On Special
03. Never Promised
04. Make it All Up to You
05. Headache
06. Headhunter
07. Ballantine Stomp
08. Tropic Rock
09. Do You Hate Me?
10. Feel Like a Dope


Mr. Amsterdamned said...

Cheers for this one! Incidentally, does anyone happen to have any Magnolias albums to upload (other than Off the Hook, which is the only I ever found here second-hand)?

Monkey Flinging Poo said...

Love this one. I definitely thought Replacements when I first bought this back in the 80's and "Ballantine Stomp" is my favorite cut. Great post!

spavid said...

I don't really have much by the Magnolias, but I'll see what I can do. You can get custom burned cd-rs of all their stuff through Twin/Tone:

Mission said...

please ..somebody link mediafire
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Ryan said...

please re-up?

Mr_Crass said...

Could you please re-up?

Mr_Crass said...

Thank you!