Friday, April 21, 2017

Christmas - In Excelsior Dayglo (1986, IVR)

Couple weeks ago I got a pretty hep request for Christmas' (the band) idiosyncratic debut In Excelsior Dayglo...and here it is.  While I'm considerably partial to their much more developed sophomore disk, Ultraprophets..., (circa 1989) IED revels in it's own indigenous vibe - sometimes dissonant, occasionally challenging and always unscrupulously skewed.  This Beantown co-ed trio, splits up vocal duties between string wrangler Michael Cudahy and drummer Liz Cox, the latter bearing no small resemblance to the B-52's Kate Pierson.  Writ large, there isn't a pervasive pop angle to the record, and from a sonic standpoint Christmas remind me heavily of indie contemps Agitpop and Volcano Suns.  To a lesser extent, the Pixies too, but that's a loose comparison at best.  As mentioned, their next record proved to be more substantive, but there's no disputing that much like the holiday they nabbed their namesake from Christmas were indeed a singular and revealing entity.

01. Big Plans
02. Loved Ones
03. Boy's Town Work Song
04. True Solider of Love
05. Tommy the Truck
06. Girl Police
07. Dig We Must
08. Pee Wee
09. Everything You Know Is Wrong
10. Pumpkinhead
11. A Pig Amongst Men
12. The Hottest Sun
13. Fish Eye Sandwich
14. Junk


tony party said...

I've always really liked "Loved Ones" on this. It's so pretty but when you listen to the words it's horrible and creepy.
Also, you mentioned Agitpop, great great band. I really dig their first two LPs. Total top notch stuff.

essay best said...

The band namely idiosyncratic has launched their first debut album few days ago. I haven't listened their songs yet, But my friend was praising about their voice and songs.

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard or thought even once of this record in 30 years, but I remember every song every hook every idiosyncrasy like I played it yesterday. I take back all the awful things I said about the internet earlier today. Thank you for this. And you say a second record is even better?

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Loved this band more than you can imagine. I wish there was some way to get them back together

Matthew Nader said...

any chance of a reup? and other Christmas albums?

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