Thursday, April 6, 2017

One Plus Two - The Ivy Room ep (1985, LSR/Homestead)

If it seems unimaginative of me to follow up my One Plus Two post from last week with yet another ep by the same folks in less than a week, I'm guilty as charged.  In fact, on the heels of the Watercolor Haircut, I fielded a request for the band's follow-up The Ivy Room.  Am still picking up on that strummy, Athens, GA vibe, and this record just might be the finest out of the three of them.  Pretty much everything on Ivy jibes with me, however I found side two to be the spunkier side of the coin.  Shut your eyes, pretend it's left-of-the-dial time in 1985, and light a stick of patchouli for yourself.

01. Other Days
02. September Night
03. Mystery to Me
04. Secret Question
05. Promise
06. Windows


lolo said...

Hi, thank you for posting this EP, I wanted to re-discover it.


Dougal said...

Any chance of a re-up? Thanks.