Saturday, October 23, 2010

Singles Going Single #146 - The Lemons 7" (1993, Lucky)

Like many of their Seattle brethren, The Lemons didn't quite reap the riches of the Emerald City's post-grunge sweepstakes nearly two decades ago, but it wasn't for lack of trying.  In fact, the group wound up with a major record deal, though the resultant album, 1995's Sturdy, wasn't as representative as this single which found the quartet reveling in the street smart, yet accessible purist-punk revivalism of D Generation and the like.   The two tracks on deck here, "Keep Diggin" and "Ugly Stik" are primal, sneering updates of the Lemons obvious antecedents such as the Dead Boys, and remarkably tight and pleasing at that.  Probably nothing you haven't experienced before, but certainly worth a few rotations.

A. Keep Diggin
B. Ugly Stik



b. brown said...

Good post. I have a couple Lemons 7"s and always wanted to know more of the band's story.

Riff13 said...

Well that sucks, I just tried to download the music from the link and it told me it's been deleted.

Anonymous said...

reup please