Monday, October 11, 2010

Lifeboat - s/t ep (1985, Dolphin)

Lifeboat were a Boston based four-piece who inflected their relatively unique strain of power pop with a healthy dollop of jangly guitar leads and measured post-punk maneuvers.  They were labelmates with Tommy Keene, who released some of his early wax on the Dolphin imprint as well.  The leadoff "Bully Up" is a good example of this sonic amalgam, which is informed by Gang of Four and Mission of Burma just as much as Joe Jackson and Elvis Costello.  Moderate employment of synths lend an edgy, and sometimes chilly ambiance to Lifeboat without thrusting things into an impenetrable deep-freeze.  Good record, though it was evidently their last. 

01. Bully Up
02. Family Town
03. Queen For a Day
04. Ruling Class Kids
05. Twelve Hour Drive
06. Let's Get Excited



PoodleHead2005 said...
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qwertydvorak said...

Could you please re-upload this ep? Thank you.

Unknown said...

If you had ever heard this band live, then you would understand why they needed to have heavy objects place on their heads.

Donna said...

Can someone repost a link? Thanks!

D'artagnan said...

Thanks for this
Greg Kendall (Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals) would also go on to write and sing most of the songs for the indie film Bandwagon (1996)