Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Fans - Mystery Date (198?, Stepp'n Up)

‘80s skinny-tie synth-rock from Buffalo, NY equipped with a singer (Bill Schuh) that occasionally recalls Cy Curnin of the Fixx, though The Fans don’t come close to approximating that bands often insipid cheesiness (granted, I enjoyed “Red Skies” back in the day just as much as anyone).  The Cars, and to a lesser extent the Talking Heads were more the Fans style.  Mystery Date wasn’t quite the hookfest I was hoping for, though it’s stronger moments like “Coming to an End” and “Exquisite Pain” are comparatively speaking quite grand.  Please note, this isn’t the same Fans I presented a single by a couple years ago.  Also, I am unable to find anything resembling a copyright or release date for this disk, but five bucks says this is no more recent than 1984.

01. Body Parts
02. Mind Over Matter
03. Break My Heart
04. Exquisite Pain
05. Boys and Girls
06. Coming to an End
07. Meet Clark Kent
08. Love Me Like a Stranger
09. Mystery Date
10. You Can't Bring Me Down



Ah yes, we bought this over labor day weekend on a vinyl hunting's quite entertaining..the female led song "Love Me Like A Stranger" is the standout...thanks..


DJ Wave said...

Any Chance of re-uploading? Greatly appreciated - Thanks

spavid said...

The link has just been updated.

DJ Wave said...

Much Appreciated. Thank You!

James Silva said...

Wow, I've been searching for this album for a long time, but the link expired.
Please, can you upload it again?


Simon The Boss said...

Wow, it was uploaded again, thanks a lot!
Love Me Like a Stranger is a very classic and catchy song, I love it!


monster x said...

link has expired again , would love to get a copy of this