Sunday, October 10, 2010

Donnie Iris and the Cruisers - The High and the Mighty (1982, MCA)

Heeeeeeeeeres Donnie!  The back of the album jacket credits The High and the Mighty to Donnie and The Cruisers, which leads me to speculate if he assembled a new backing band for this record, his third in fact following up Back on Streets (1980) and King Cool (1981).  The High and the Mighty retains the power pop acumen of those first two platters, but for better or worse eschews some of the sassiness in favor of blatant arena rock aspirations.  Side one is actually quite fun, not to mention effortlessly catchy, including a spirited rendition of the Dave Clark Five's "Glad All Over." Elsewhere, the title track and "You're Gonna Miss Me" are overtly bombastic, with call-out choruses and whatnot.  These particular selections, while still listenable, boast an unmistakable and increasingly thick layer of studio veneer, with pedestrian lyrical content that finds our man preaching to the nosebleeds.  Like Iris' '83 follow-up, Fortune 410, The High and the Mighty failed to make it into the digital era...until now I suppose.  Up for some live Donnie and the Cruisers?  Head over to ALOCACOC blog for your fix.

01. Tough World
02. I Wanna Tell Her
03. Glad All Over
04. Parallel Time
05. The High and the Mighty
06. This Time it Must Be Love
07. Love is Magic
08. You're Gonna Miss Me
It's been reissued!


Brushback said...

Donnie Iris is great.

Unknown said...

Wonderful! Thanks for posting this. Had the LP years ago. Nice to hear it once again!

PMac0508 said...

Hey chief,
I would really like to hear this album, but for the life of me I can't find a password anywhere on your site. Could you help me out?

wfb said...

Donnie came out to Michigan in August and put on a great show