Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Smackmelon 7" (1992, Mag Wheel)

This curiously named Boston three-piece suit wielded guitar-imbued musculature, not dissimilar to more than one of Bob Mould's lauded power trios, but Smackmelon embraced a contemplative ethos as well.  You won't find a better example of said propensity than the A-side of this wax, "Space Shot," a tune which ponders the Moon landing and such.  Coincidentally or not, frontman Duke Roth bears a likeness to another Beantown contemporary, Bill Janovitz of Buffalo Tom, and his sinewy fretwork rips a page straight from J. Mascis to boot.  The more uptempo flip, "I'm Not Cool" discernibly seizes the Husker/Sugar reins, without throwing anything too far into overdrive.  Fans of Overwhelming Colorfast will find a lot to love here too I might add.  In addition to this single (copies of which are potentially savailable straight from the source) Smackmelon were survived by an ep and a 1995 full length, Blue Hour.

A. Space Shot
B. I'm Not Cool


Josh said...

They actually also have another 7" titled "Sleeper", can upload it if needed.

spavid said...

Thanks Josh. Feel free to send us a link.

Tim said...
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Tim said...

Thanks, this is awesome. Please post Sleeper if you get a copy. If I'm not mistaken (and even though Wikipedia doesn't say so), I'm pretty sure Roth was also a member of the last incarnation of Bullet Lavolta.

Josh said...

Alright fellas, here's Sleeper:

spavid said...

Thanks for the link Josh!

I loved Bullet Lavolta too. Those guys beat Black Flag/Rollins at their own game so far as I'm concerned.