Thursday, February 5, 2015

Restored links.

Here you go.  More than thirty files rejuvenated and revived, based on your requests and my whims.  Select the artist to be taken to the original entry and/or the title to the direct download link.

Diodes - Survivors
Spoon - b-sides
Mysteries of Life - Going Through the Motions 7"
Breathers - Rain Down ep
Serious Young Insects - Housebreaking
Times Beach - Love and Politics
Screaming Broccoli - s/t LP
Senseless Things - Empire of the Senseless
For Squirrels - Baypath Rd. and 1993 demo
Playground - singles
VA - Misfit Heartbeat ep
Honest Injun - The Rosenthal Effect
Chris Sievey - Big Record
White Sisters - tape
No Knife - singles
The Texas Instruments - Crammed Into Infinity
Ropers/Tribbles - split 7"
The Hang-Ups/Vertigo - split 7"
The Hang-Ups - Top of Morning 7"
Misstakes - National Passtime
Squalls - Rebel Shoes
Cinnamon Imperials - I Hope No One Finds Out 7" ep
Finger - singles collection
Wool - singles collection
Ben Grim - retro
High Speed Scene - s/t ep MP3 or FLAC
Parallel 5th - s/t ep
Mockers - Culprit and the King
Other Bright Colors - Endlessly Rocks the Cradle
Salem 66 - Your Soul is Mine...
Sheer Thursday - Expecting the Grass


Os said...


(can u please, please, please re upload "No Charisma" EP and "Their Titanic Majesty's Request" of Titanic Love Affair. They're long dead :(

Thanx in advance)

spavid said...

I'll get to these very soon. Keep checking back.

Anonymous said...

This is a Great blog, Thanks!!! :)