Thursday, February 19, 2015

Plan B: - tape (19??)

I got this one in a lot of cassettes a couple years ago.  Talk about a cold case.  Not only did these synthy fellows fail to list a copyright date or their location on the sleeve, they refused to identify themselves (though the guest musicians are noted).  By my estimate, these tracks were likely laid down in the late '80s or so. Fairly lo-fi activity here, with the lead-off number "The World in Here" mixing electronics with guitars, a la Achtung Baby-lite.  "Over and Over" is Plan B:'s taught, crunchy rocker, and clearly the winner of the seven contestants on this rather clandestine offering.  Plan B: were fond of instrumentals.  There's a good three or four of them here.  I appreciate the mild yet alluring post-punk undercurrents emanating through much of this tape, but when all is said and done I'd prefer more substance than subtlety.  If anyone has any specs on these guys, comment as you see fit.

01. The World in Here
02. Over and Over
03. A 1920s Ghost
04. They Came
05. The Washing
06. Somewhere Else
07. The Panic!