Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Yo - Once in a Blue Moon (1986, Deadbeat/Restless)

Another year, another Yo album.  Last year I introduced this offbeat quartet to you via their second long-player Charm World, and as of tonight I've digitized their third and final outing Once in a Blue Moon for the world at large to consume at their collective (or individual) leisure.  Mutant Sounds blog regards Charm World as having a slight edge over Moon, but I might argue to the contrary.  Very much the same formula for both records, particularly lead shouter Bruce Rayburn whose timbre is a solid approximation of what a fusion of Stan Ridgeway and Guadalcanal Diary's Murray Attaway would culminate in.  Yo's acerbic moxie works best in tandem with Rayburn's flurry of vigorous power chords, coloring such insurgent rockers as "I Meant to Tell You," "Sun and Moon," and oddly enough a blistering reinterpretation of Cat Steven's "Hard Headed Woman." 

01. Head Headed Woman
02. House With No One
03. Sun and Moon
04. Wish Away
05. Castle By the Sea
06. On the Road
07. The Happy Song
08. I Meant to Tell You
09. Black Rose
10. Blue Moon
11. In Another World
12. One Outta Nine
13. Broken Mirror
14. The Hunt



Casey said...


For fans of, i dunno....the 90s hahaha

Anonymous said...

any chance for a new link?

Unknown said...

I agree. New link please if you could.

Schminternet said...

The band I was in opened for Yo in Wichita, Kansas when they were touring behind this album. I was pretty buzzed as I was a DJ and this had rapidly become my favorite vinyl.