Thursday, August 23, 2007

Various - Cinnamon Toast (Records): Trim Crusts If Desired (1994)

In the 1990s, Halifax, Nova Scotia was ground-zero for quality indie-pop, and an extra special treat for fans across the border. In total, no less than five acts from this fabled locale (Sloan, Eric's Trip, Hardship Post, Thrush Hermit, and jale) had indie or major label deals in the States. By the mid '90s virtually everyone that had been swept up by this maritime phenomenon professed that Sloan were the cream de la creme, end of discussion.

1994 saw the release of the Trim Crusts If Desired compilation on the once venerable Cinnamon Toast label based in Halifax. At 15 tracks this hour of power is an accurate snapshot of the local scene at the time, featuring The Hardship Post's finest moment, "Won't You Come Home," as well as worthy contributions from jale, Rebecca West, Eric's Trip, and Thrush Hermit. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention, Sloan aren't anywhere to be found on this disk. Sure, Trim Crusts has it's share of non-names and duds, but by now you know the drill. Hear the album for yourself. Enjoy (or not)

01. The Hardship Post - Wont You Come Home?
02. Quahogs - Them
03. Bubaiskull - Eel Monkey
04. Skreech - Theme Song
05. Jale - Brother
06. Leonard Conan - Frightened Of...
07. Rebecca West - Sick
08. Thrush Hermit - Pink Is The Colour
09. PlumTree - Dog Gone Crazy
10. Erics Trip - Laying Blame
11. Cheticamp - Coincidence
12. Les Gluetones - Reincarnated
13. Jale - Twisted
14. Strawberry - Buried Treasure
15. Hardship Post - Rock Is My Life



MRMAGOOMC4 said...

the mega city four post was an inspired post do you by any chance have any bootlegs on them ????.ive recently posted on my blog running riot in 2007
capricorn=demos pre mc4 and are well worth a listen ill be posting some mc4 stuff later on im gonna link you to my blog could you do the same mate cheers...if youve not heard the capricorn stuff come over and download ive also posted a demo 1987 on mc4 great looking blog cheers

pps post more mc4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
have you got any midway still stuff

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this!

M Guy said...

Nice, thanks. Do you have any Joel Plaskett?

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Anonymous said...

Reup please this comp. Thanks in advance !

Arif said...

Can we just talk about how great Hardship Post were? Thanks for the re-up!