Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Mega City Four - Magic Bullets (1993)

Although Mega City Four frontman, Darren "Wiz" Brown outlived his band's fourth album, Magic Bullets, by some 13 years, one gets the sense that on a certain level, this was his artistic nadir. The album was a far cry from the manic punk-pop of Tranzaphobia and their early singles, but a logical progression from 1992's Sebastopol Road. That record introduced a more delicate, contemplative template that Mega City Four's British contemporaries in the Brit-Pop, Madchester, and shoegazer scenes were all but ignorant to. All the better, because Magic Bullets is a favorite of many, if not most die-hard MC4 fans. And while it may lack the visceral thrust of their early material, "Wallflower," "President," and ''Toys" convey the kind of bittersweet pathos that so many of the Brit-plop hopefuls of MC4's era could hold a candle to. Not that they'd even try to of course. "I saw myself burning with passion, aching for the world" - Wiz Indeed

01. Perfect Circle
02. Drown
03. Rainman
04. Toys
05. Iron Sky
06. So
07. Enemy Skies
08. Wallflower
09. President
10. Shadows
11. Underdog
12. Greener
13. Speck


wilgy said...

I don't suppose you have the "words that say" ep do you??

jimmybuttons said...

MC4 = one of, if not, THE best bands EVER, and most mc4 fans argue that magic bullets is the best album. thanx for posting, the world needs to know the magic in mc4's bullets!!

monsterpop said...

yet another absolutely fantastic band.i used to travel around Scotland to see these guys back then. at that point,MC4 and the Senseless Things were 2 of our fave bands.
Not only were they a great band,and fantastic live as well,
they were absolutely 100% lovely fellas as well.we did kind of start drifting away around this time,as we really did feel that the songwriting was becoming very samey and dreary,as was their sound.
I only heard of the very sad and untimely death of Wiz recently;-(
they shouldve been huge,and its a crime that they werent. Ive ripped a few of the cds to my hard drive,, but every single cd/vinyl i have of theirs is being sold on Feebay,as ive recently moved to the USA and had to make the heartbreaking decision to sell of my collection,which has been around 30 years in the making. i can recommend the compilation"Terribly Sorry Bob"to anyone wanting to hear their superior earlier work.

Karl Bakla said...

one of my all time favorite bands... got put MC$ & the Doughboys on every comp!

brotum said...

any chance of a re-up on this? netkups has taken it down for inactivity