Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Versus - Let's Electrify! ep (1993)

The NYC trio Versus, were a spin-off of the dissonant, guitar-heavy Flower, a late-80s indie rock crew also based out of the Big Apple. Brothers Richard and Ed Baluyut and Fontaine Toups solidified the Versus lineup, that spanned a considerable ten years

Even on the 1990s indie-rock circuit, Versus were not one of the more preeminent visages of their era, yet the band's recorded output was quite prolific, yielding roughly a dozen albums and EPs, not to mention several singles and copious compilation tracks. 1993's Let's Electrify! was the band's first foray into the digital realm. Better albums and extended players would come, but this record, albeit heavily resembling early-Sonic Youth in certain places, honed in on Versus as they attempted to mesh clangy chords with melancholic pop structures. If you ask me, they nailed it pretty well.

01. Silver Vein
02. That Girl's Gone
03. Noogie
04. Let's Electrify
05. Seaweed Rising
06. Sea Girl


chnkltgy said...

I strongly recommend posting the Flower CD that Simple Machines reissued in what? '94? '95? That shit's priceless...

Erica Leonard said...
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Erica Leonard said...

do you have any suggestions of how to find the albums let's electrify and yeah, you?

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Can you repost this please? I lost my original copy a while back. I hope Versus reissue it.
I love your blog, too.

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