Thursday, August 30, 2007

Straitjacket Fits - Missing From Melt ep (1991)

This is a followup/request to my post of The Fit's Hail CD a few weeks ago. Missing From Melt is a five song EP that was released as a companion to the 1991 album. A couple of remixes and some decent outtakes, but nothing especially revelatory. The Live at the Wireless session at JJJ in Australia is derived from the Arista Records, promo-only "Roller Ride" CD. God it must have been weird for the Fits to share a label with Whitney Houston. Strange bedfellows I suppose.

Missing From Melt
01. Missing Presumed Drowned (LP mix)
02. Bad Note for a Heart
03. Skin to Wear (stripped mix)
04. In Spite of It All
05. Cave In



Yoyo said...

Thank you!! downloading now.


evr said...

Great stuff. Saw them play In Spite Of It All live in NYC in the summer of '90 (before it was released and it gave me shivers. nice to get this great stuff out there!

jaylia strange said...

very nice indeed great band


Wow! I had this disc years ago, probably around '94 or '95 when I was buying every promo/b-side/unreleased stuff I could find in the cheap bins @ local shops. Recently told a London Suede fan about them, your link will help greatly.

jgmoney said...

Re-up please!