Sunday, August 5, 2007

Rain Parade - Crashing Dream (1985)

It probably wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that whomever downloads this album knows more about L.A.'s Rain Parade than I do. Chalk that up primarily to the fact that I didn't become familiar with them until some 15 years after Crashing Dream came out. I did however experience their preceding studio album, the psychedelically tinged Emergency Third Rail Powertrip, before I laid ears on this one, which from my understanding never made it into the digital age. Rain Parade was a significant prime-mover in Los Angeles' fabled "paisley underground" movement, which was a key component of the new romantic scene of the era. That only goes so far I suppose. As opposed to Emergency ..., Crashing Dream seems to cater to the more commercial auspices of the record biz, and understandably so, given it's Island Records credentials. Not a bad disk though. I do have to strongly disagree with the Trouser Press critic that claims "Mystic Green," could pass for The Records. Nonsense.

01. Depending On You
02. My Secret Country
03. Don't Feel Bad
04. Mystic Green
05. Sad Eyes kill
06. Shoot Down the Railroad Man
07. Fertile Crescent
08. Invisible People
09. Gone West
10. Only Business


Unknown said...

Many thanks for Rain Parade. Would you also have "Explosions in the Glass Palace" or "Beyond the Sunset," by any chance?

Nolu said...

This is one of those special bands that have their own style, those guitars, those ambient they create is really marvellous. Songs like Don't feel bad will travel with me for all my live. Thanxs.

billbush said...

Thanks for this!! Really appreciate it.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for posting this.

amy said...

thanks so much for posting this! i just found my LP but have been turntable-less for too long.

time to finally break down for a USB model.

Unknown said...

Been looking for this for years. Sadly the link is dead.

Two Barbells said...

I have the vinyl, found it new for an extra cheap price. Then I found the CD's to the previous album and EP. And lately, a friend gave me Mazzy Star as a gift.

somoxa said...

re-up for this one as well please? sorry promise it's the last one that i ask for a re-up of.
thanks for all your hard work!

Jay Dee Gee said...

Thanks for renewing the link for this! This has been on my "get list" for some time now. Your blog ROCKS! Pun sort of intended!

Creedance Kiddo said...

Please re-up, link is dead. Ty