Monday, July 30, 2007

Mark Arm - The Freewheelin...7" (Sub Pop 1990)

Dinosaur Jr. - The Wagon 7" (Sub Pop 1990)

Here is the first in a series of Sub Pop two-fer 7” uploads. Kicking things off is Mark Arm’s (of Mudhoney fame) one and only solo recording (that I’m aware of anyway). Recorded in September 1990, Arm’s rendering of Bob Dylan’s scathing anti-war indictment, “Masters of War,” was presumably in reaction to the impending Gulf War. Either that, or Arm was seriously craving a good excuse to parody a Bob Dylan lp sleeve. Occupying the relatively lighter flip-side is the Bo Diddley-inflected “My Life With Rickets.”

Dinosaur Jr.’s lone Sub Pop slab of wax features “The Wagon,” which sounds like a slightly different mix than the one that made it onto their fourth album, Green Mind. The b-side is a Don Fleming penned and co-sung number, “Better Than Gone,” that’s exclusive to this release.

Mark Arm

Dino Jr:


Azbest said...


Il Capo said...

Thanks! I am amazed that this stuff stays on Rapidshare for so long, 3 years after you uploaded it.

I have the Dinosaur jr single lying in a box somewhere, but don't have a record player anymore, so it is nice to be able to hear it again in this way.

"Better than gone" was my anthem for 1990.

Phil DeGrave said...

"which sounds like a slightly different mix"
Have this 7" too. Right and Left drum tracks are separated and performed by different drummers.

Ralph Dodger said...

Thanks. Have this single but haven't got a (working) turntable for nice to hear it again.

thepsychicpilot said...

Donna Dresch plays bass on this 7" version of The Wagon.

Peter Tron said...

cheers spavid!