Thursday, July 19, 2007

Gaunt - Whitey the Man ep (1992)

Bearing static-ridden, lo-fi-ish punk rock, Columbus, Ohio's Gaunt infused a lively rawness into a genre that was (and for that matter still is) escalating itself into the commercial mainstream. Along with hometown acts like the New Bomb Turks and the Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Gaunt reaped the meager rewards of the nationally exposed Columbus music scene by the mid-90s, and eventually garnered a major label deal that led to their final album, 1998's Bricks and Blackouts. Generally speaking, their early to mid-career releases were the most captivating. The vinyl-only, Whitey the Man, issued on Thrill Jockey Records, came on the heels of a handful of red-hot, locally released singles. A cut from one of those 7"s, "Jim Motherf@#$er" was redone for this fabulous 10" slab. The even better Sob Story EP and I Can See Your Mom From Here LP, (both still available from Thrill Jockey were shortly in the offing.

Gaunt lead singer, Jerry Wick had his life cut tragically short in January of 2001, the result of a vehicle related accident, thus abruptly capping the band's career.

01. Silly Watches
02. Back-Off
03. Salvation Army
04. Ignored
05. Whitey
06. USA
07. Jim Motherfucker


Scott said...

Wow! That's good. Thanks for sharing.

Toxxy said...

D*mn I'm glad I found your blog :-)

Thx a bunch for the Gaunt EP, one of the Gaunt releases I was lookin' for.

If you or anyone else are lookin' for more Gaunt CDs, I've posted three over here:

(The RS links via Sharebee works!).

I don't suppose you got “Bricks and Blackouts” and “Kryptonite”? If yes, kindly share & post. Cheers :-)