Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Pointed Sticks - Out of Luck ep (Stiff #59, 1979)

This 1979 three-song nugget of gold proved to be Vancouver's, Pointed Sticks debut and finale for the much coveted Stiff Records. After a trio of absolutely flooring singles on the local Quintessence label, The Sticks wanted to manifest their Buzzcocks inspired, organ-enhanced punk-pop to a larger audience. Stiff Records seemed to be just the place, but things fell through during the recording sessions for what was intended to be their first proper album. A full-length, Perfect Youth would eventually surface on Quintessence, but ultimately, the Pointed Sticks would leave a footprint on Stiff, albeit a smaller one than they had anticipated. The versions of the three cuts here are exclusive to this record, but alternate variations exist on the Quintessence recordings, which have recently been re-released on Sudden Death Records ( Many a die-hard Sticks fan will contest that the original incarnations of these songs were more representative than the Stiff 7" versions, but IMHO both are commendable.

1. Out of Luck
2. What Do You Want Me to Do?
3. Somebody's Mom


lkrushel said...


biopunk said...

Thanks for this one. Quite different than the other versions!

Jangly Mark said...

Just found this. Both a joy and a disappointment. I've been after 'Out Of Luck' since I heeard Peel Play it in 1991.
I was delighted to find's a different version - WAY too overproduced.

Does anyone know if the original (or the one Peel played, which I believe came out on Quintessence Records) is blogged anywhere?

If you do, please email me...
janglymark AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk

Pointed Sticks said...

The original version of Out Of Luck is available on the Sudden Death compliation,"Waiting For The Real Thing",and we actually make money off it!!