Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Payola$ - Introducing...ep (1980)

For better or worse, my familiarity with the Payola$ essentially begins and ends with this EP issued on IRS in 1980. Introducing is considered by longtime fans to be one of the last recordings they made that was unfettered by the more commercial whims of the "industry" at the time. The four tracks housed within this gatefold 7" seem to accurately support that opinion. Not quite punk, and miles from "new wave" "China Boys," and "TNT" sport a fierce, edgy kick, with just enough melodicism to attract some of the wavers while not alienating the more aggro wing of their audience. As with their more renown contemporaries, The Clash and The Police, The Payola$ dabble with rasta rhythms on this EP's "Rose."

And of course, it's hard to overlook the fact that guitarist Bob Rock would eventually helm the production of a string of not-so-hot Metallica albums...if that means anything to you.

1. China Boys
2. TNT
3. Rose
4. Juke Box

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monsterpop said...

aaah,,cheers for this;-)
i MUST say that they have a(mostly) really excellent album called"In A PLace Like This"(erm,if i recall,,as i am,,maybe 5,000 miles away from my records)
ah,,im right,,hooray;-)

China Boys is on there,and there,
as is Juke Box,,the title track itself is FANTASTIC,,and there really are some other superb tracks!
i have another of their albums, thats not very good at all sadly. so,a hit and miss band,but when they hit, they hit BIG;-)