Monday, July 16, 2007

Splitsville - Splitsville U.S.A. (1996)

I was posthumously introduced to a fantastic pure-pop guitar band from Baltimore named The Greenberry Woods at some point in the late '90s. After two near-perfect (okay, maybe "perfect" period). albums Rapple Dapple and Big Money Item both on Sire Records, the Woods were...well..splitsville. To the good fortune of power-pop hanger-oners everywhere, GW drummer Brandt Huseman and his guitar-slinging brother Matt Huseman, turned their then side-project, Splitsville into a full-time endeavor. Splitsville are decidedly more enthusiastic than the brothers Huseman's former outfit, especially on this debut album chock full of giddy, devil-may-care attitude, that occasionally approaches mid-tempo punk. Future Splitsville albums were a bit mellower (and more representative IMHO), but out of their three albums on Big Deal, U.S.A. is their scarcest and most obscure-worthy.


monsterpop said...

this is yet another cd i have, that i remember playing once or twice,and if i recall,,thinking it was absolutely dreadful;-)weird,as id heard a few good tracks from them ,,courtesy of Yellow Pills,,,and Not Lame albums.

im gonna download it again and have a third try though,so thanks.

now if i could only find a rich fan of obscure powerpop to buy all this stuff from me;-)

Tidesworthy said...

Would there be a possibility of a reup on this one?