Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Nils - s/t lp (1987)

Having been hailed as Canada's answer to The Replacements, Montreal's The Nils extolled an enormous amount of talent, but would never quite develop the depth and breadth of Minneapolis' fab-four. Formed in 1978, brothers Alex and Carlos Soria founded the nascent Nils (quite literally, as they were barely in their teens at the time). After a pair of acclaimed, distortion-laden punk EPs, Sell Out Young and Paisley, issued on local independent labels, The Nils garnered international attention. Subsequently, the quartet signed to Rock Hotel, a division of Profile Records (yes, the one RUN-DMC were on). The "profile" was indeed in-effect, (that's with "low" preceding "profile") and the label did a hapless job of promoting it.

Vintage Nils followers still prefer their pre-LP recordings, but I beg to differ, as the album's version of cuts that originally appeared on the Nils EPs and demos are stunningly more taught and commanding, with a damn-near flawless recording mix to boot.

Post-debut LP, the Nils continued to play publicly and record privately, but no further releases were issued. The mid-1990s saw the formation of Chino, a Nils-offshoot commandeered by Alex that toured and issued the promising, Mala Leche EP on Mag Wheel Records ( It would also be the last official Alex Soria release, as he tragically died after being struck by a train in December 2004.

I would also highly recommend purchasing on the Mag Wheel label, the Nils Green Fields in Daylight, an outstanding 29 track CD compilation of all of the Nils pre-album EPs, demos, compilation appearances and more. Mandatory listening for anyone who grabs this LP! no password


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Thanks! The Nils are brilliant!

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i have that album on vinyl.


nice post mate :)

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I <3 The Nils. Good job. Anybody know Chino? Alex Soria's last band? great stuff!

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A new album will sonn be released. All previously unreleased material recorded while Alex was still with The Nils. A DVD with early footage of The Nils live in concert will folllow shortly after. No joke, email me at Join Th Nils group on facebook. Look for The Nils (Montreal Punk Band) or look for my profile: Niko Stash and I will invite you. Also check out the page I did for the Nils on vampirefreaks:

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Read the best article ever about Alex and The Nils: