Sunday, May 10, 2009

Brave Nu Disk World - Propaganda - Calling on Moscow ep (1980, Epic) & New Musik - Straight Lines ep (1980, Epic)

Epic Records may not have been responsible for the advent of the 10" record, but they made a respectable attempt to popularize the format simultaneously with a clutch of edgy modern rock acts in 1980. The label coined the series as Nu Disks (not so new when old 78 rpm records were 10" too, but anyway). It included installments from Propaganda, New Musik, and the Continentals, but the crown jewels in this micro-roster were the already established Cheap Trick and their Found All the Parts 10" ep (its four tracks later appended to the 2006 reissue of All Shook Up), as well as The Clash's legendary odds and sods disk, Black Market Clash (also reissued, not to mention significantly expanded). Now, onto the bands at hand.

Propaganda weren't the first or last outfit to usurp said four-syllable moniker, but all ubiquities aside, this Brit four-piece, originally going under another likely band name, The Passengers, deliver quite the sharp ep here, Calling On Moscow, with it's title track taking the cake. Propaganda's approach is fairly pedestrian by today's standards, exuding vague likenesses to The Knack and even the Kinks, not to mention a myriad of like-minded UK power-pop combos of the era. They later released a self-titled album that's free for the taking here.

The comparatively more prolific New Musik hung out on the electro-pop end of the new-wave spectrum, releasing this ep, and four albums. Helmed by one Tony Mansfield (future producer of acts like the B52's and Naked Eyes), New Musik's polished, yet slyly cerebral tack earned them the underground hit "They All Run After the Carving Knife" in 1981 (not included on Straight Lines). If this ep is to your liking, you can learn about, and hear a whole swath of New Musik at this thoroughly excellent location. The aforementioned Continentals ep has been thoughtfully documented right here.
Propaganda - Calling On Moscow ep
01. Two Lovers
02. Cowboys Alone
03. Calling on Moscow
04. Something About You (I Don't Like)
New Music - Straight Lines ep
01. Straight Lines
02. On Islands
03. Living By Numbers
04. Sad Films
Propaganda: Hear
New Musik: Hear


Let's Find H-Man A Wife said...

I had the Straight Lines EP. Loved all of it. I love the little kid who giggles at the end of "Islands.'' thanks you

icastico said...

This one brings back memories. My brother had Calling on Moscow when it was new.

alanamaniac said...

Any chance of a re-up on either? I only have a track of each. Thanks, good stuff.

kurganwins said...

New reup request, please. Thank you

Beyes said...

re-up of Propaganda please. Missed the last re-up! Thanks.

AJ said...

I'm loving the Propaganda re-up, you don't happen to have their self-titled album available to post? Thanks