Friday, May 22, 2009

Various - Blatant Doom Trip - a Tribute to Guided By Voices (1998, Simple Solution)

Roughly two months ago I posted a thing called Scalping the Guru, a homegrown, 1996 Guided By Voices tribute tape on Kelp Records, featuring predominantly Canadian acts. Blatant Doom Trip, released a couple years later, is inarguably more formal (albeit a bit on the lo/mid-fi tip itself), and has the roster to prove it. Nepotism is rampant here, with groups like Cobra Verde, Gem, and Swearing at Motorists all containing in their line past or future GBV alumni (Doug Gillard comes courtesy of those first two, Don Thrasher the latter). Local H's "Smothered in Hugs" appears here on the heels of that band's gold selling As Good As Dead, a convenient selling point to be sure. Thurston Moore and Steve Shelly hold the keys to Male Slut who tackle a real obscurity, "Stabbing a Star," plus there are also contributions from the relatively renown Portastatic, Lotion, and New Radiant Storm King (the last two "cheating" so to speak with tunes that had already appeared on singles). Best of all, since Blatant Doom Trip was minted in '98, the material covered within is drawn from GBV's halcyon era. There was talk around 1996 of yet another GBV tribute to see the light of day, with an even higher pedigree lineup including Bob Mould and Sebadoh, but twas not to be. Nevertheless, at least we have this, and BDT is pretty damn impressive at that.

01. Cobra Verde - Striped White Jets
02. Male Slut - Stabbing A Star
03. Chapter 18 - Matter Eater Lad
04. Gem - My Impression Now
05. Rally For Japan - Rubber Man
06. New Radiant Storm King - I Am A Scientist
07. Shove - Melted Pat
08. Local H - Smothered In Hugs
09. Earnest - Back To Saturn X
10. Resolve - The Future Is In Eggs
11. Real Lulu - Postal Blowfish
12. O-Matic - Motor Away
13. Swearing At Motorists - Volcano Divers
14. This Busy Monster - Gleemer (The Deeds Of Fertile Jim)
15. 84 Nash - Hot Freaks
16. Gem - Kisses To The Crying Cooks
17. Portastatic - Echos Myron
18. Lotion - Quality Of Armor



MKV said...

I listened to the cryptic, melodramitic lyrics of this tribute comp, enjoyed this one hole heartedly (can't wait for the next one) thanks, a great post. I'm a bigtime GBV fan but have never had the chance to check them out live. The Ralley For Japan track was a pleseant surprise.
Gracias amigo!

MKV said...

yeah I need spell-checker but at least my hearts in it, he-he. More GBV related obscurities much appreciated.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the nice review of a record I spent quite a bit of time producing. It was a lot of fun making a tribute album to one of my favorite bands Guided by Voices and my good friend Robert Pollard (who wrote all but one of the tracks on this record).

"Trader" Vic Blankenship
Simple Solution Records said...

did you still have an active link?

spavid said...

The link has been updated.

Earthdog70 said...

Love the band Resolve. They put out a 2nd record after "Jack", don't suppose you have that in the vault?

Doug G said...
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Doug G said...

Any chance for a new download link? I can't find this GBV tribute anywhere else. Thanks!

EmmaYaBasta said...

please re-up!