Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Poster Children - Clock Street CDS (1993, Creation)

I really can't speak for most Poster Children fans, but for my proverbial "money" their last truly phenomenal album was 1993's Tool of the Man. I could extol on why I think the Kids kind of lost it shortly thereafter, largely by gimmicking-up their act, but I'll spare you. With that out of the way, this scarcely distributed CD single (or ep, take your pick) usurps no less than three Tool of the Man outtakes for it's b-sides, making it the perfect companion to the LP. "Everything Burns" and "Outside In," exhibit those wonderfully skittish, yet nimble chords that you've come to know and love from the P Kids since day one, while "Matter Crush" is decidedly more downcast, possessing a plodding backbeat and the strangely tuneful moxie of mouthpiece/axe-slinger Rick Valentin. You can enjoy some earlier Poster Children uploads here and here.

01. Clock Street (edit)
02. Everything Burns
03. Matter Crush
04. Outside In



icastico said...

It was about then that Choke opened up for Poster Children in Albuquerque...


Unknown said...

While I have owned this forever, sure is nice to see it get some exposure at long last.

Unknown said...

great music. thank you and thanks for putting up great music

Todd said...

By the way, Clock Street may be the most boring street in Champaign.

Mr_Crass said...

Any chance you have the PC's track (or the whole thing) from Teryaki Asthma vol. 7 comp? The later editions of that series are not represented well in the blogsphere.

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