Saturday, May 16, 2009

Shortfall - Hooray For Everything (1995, Squirtgun)

If you loved the Doughboys you'll love (or at the very least like) Shortfall, a long defunct southern Ontario four-piece who cranked out a couple albums in the mid'90s. Their debut, Hooray For Everything, is splendidly derivative in all the right places, especially it's two masterful leadoff tracks, "Morgans Rd." and "Absolute," both of which wouldn't have sounded the least bit out of place on Kastner and Co's Happy Accidents platter. Indelible hooks, churning power chords, and a mild semblance of suburbanite angst make Hooray a highly memorable disk. As a bonus, I'm also tacking on "Drive," a track recorded for their followup album, It's a Miserable Life. You can check out a video for "Drive" on the band's Myspace page linked above.

01. Morgans Rd.
02. Absolute
03. Waitin
04. Dark
05. The Last
06. Grey
07. Nil
08. Cool Cliche
09. Take It
10. Rusted Bones



The Fall Of Mr. Fifths said...

This is a great post. You wouldn't happen to have these albums by the band Textbook (Ex-Members Of Not Rebecca)

Smoke Em If You Got Em

jimmybuttons said...

another great one, i really appreciate your work! i've been looking for this for a while now! thanx!!

ffi said...

You don't happen to have Shortfall's "It's a Miserable Life" do you? I can't find it anywhere (including used record shops).


hangtime said...

Hey Darren,
This is Warren from Shortfall/Hangtime. Our second release "it's a miserable life" was never officially released that's why you can't find it. If you would like I can send you a unmastered copy. I can also send you my latest band "Hangtime" first release.
Send me your info at

joehenderson said...

would you upload again please? now that the link has expired it's back to being extremely obscure! thanks

billybadbum said...

Yes please, a re-up would be lovely, what with the new Hangtime album and all...cheers!