Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pete Donnelly (The Figgs) - Another Day on You (1999)

I had a request for this when I posted the The Figgs Ginger cassette about a month ago. Precious few know about this extremely limited edition (50 copies so the story goes) solo tape cut by Figgs bassist/songwriter Pete Donnelly. For a release of this format and scarcity, the fidelity is surprisingly excellent. More rewardingly, the ten cuts within aren't bedroom experiments or tossed off "extras" that didn't make the cut for any given Figgs album. I dug a little deeper on this tape, and here's some info I gleaned from article that appeared on Donnelly's Myspace blog in a early 2007.

If you're one of the lucky ones, you might have an old and most-likely, well-loved copy of Pete's solo album (the originals were cassette only, and limited to 50 copies – sorry folks!). The 10-song cassette entitled, Another Day On You, was released in 1999, after the Figgs relationship with Capitol dissolved. Pete was living in Providence at the time, and thinking of ways to reinvent himself and keep afloat at the same time. Song to song, Another Day On You comes off as a very personal and reflective album; even if it was never meant to be its own permanent release. There's almost a scratchy, frenetic energy and even a pained sound to Pete's vocals on these songs that remind me of a mod Rod Stewart – a cooler, mod Rod Stewart – who's gone through a LOT. And the songs themselves, are almost bridge-like in extension of the ones written and played with The Figgs.

"What is this love about? / Is it just a game? / This could be our way out / I want to break / Yeah I know that this is love / 'Cause I have you on my side / I've gotta feel you in my blood / I'm rushin' all the time / We're rushin' all the time …" ("Rushing All The Time", Pete Donnelly)"

I made them because I was going through this thing where I was like 'I'm going to start doing some solo shows to try to make some bread.' I was like, 'What am I doing, I'm getting in debt here.' You know; what's my life all about? Partly, I wanted it to be impermanent too, because I had reservations about the material…it's all stuff that was never completely realized. They're just, you know; sketches, ideas. Putting it on a cassette was kind of like saying, 'Hey, this stuff isn't to be displayed as a real permanent work of art,' It's just kind of like a, I don't know – a view of what I've been up to. I think that every once in a while, I get this feeling I'm going to put together all the music that I've recorded over the years – you know, release a double-CD, probably put some of that stuff on…and there were a few tracks that didn't fit on the cassette."

Can we look forward to a solo Pete Donnelly record? "It kind of gets back to the unfortunate reality of the dollar. One of the goals of mine is to find more time to be creative on my own. I have so little time, whereas when I was younger, you have too much time – and you scare and you explore yourself and your own psyche in your own studio or whatever. And, yet, Another Day On You is such a home recording record, that "Rushing All the Time" is from a studio in Conshohocken [PA] as a matter of fact. But you know, it's really personal because of the state of mind that you're in when you're alone, and by yourself… You're much more vulnerable than when you're working with other people."

By the way, one Mike Viola guests on a cut here, but you'll have to download the tape so you can take a gander at the sleeve notes to find out which track specifically.

01. Behind The Train
02. The Place Is Packed
03. Rushing All The Time
04. Another Day On You
05. guitar instrumental
06. Under Blankets
07. All Your Empty Memories
08. Letters to Friends
09. Shooting Away
10. Erased

Now on Bandcamp.


East Coast 2010 said...

hey man. shoot me an email. ive got some stuff from san diego.

Meek said...
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Meek said...
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Meek said...

Actually half of this record is Figgs related. Another Day On You, The Place Is Packed, and Erased were all contenders for The Figgs Couldn't Get High. Rushing All The Time is from the Reprise demos (same version!). Shooting Away was in the set from late '97 through '99. Mike released a tape around the same time called "Received". Can you post that? What is the stuff from San Diego?

Matt said...

the best god damn blog on the internet.

spavid said...

Thanks for the info Meek. I appreciate it. Guess I gotta get ahold of the Reprise demos, along with all the other unreleased Figgs material like Waiting For The Bugasauras. As for the San Diego stuff William, go ahead and email at the address in my profile.

pushrod said...

love the Figgs! love this post.
Please, more rare Figgs. Many Thanks!

Sallybats said...

I sent the link to Pete D. He was highly amused

MusicGeekJay said...

MORE FIGGS (and Figgs related)!!! I am such a huge fan and would love to have demos, live shows and anything else I can get my hands on..for my ears!


jonder said...

Thank you so much for this. Pete D is the nicest guy to meet at a show, and such a talented musician. I wish I could have seen one of the shows he did last year with Terry Adams.

Muse Fan said...

Finally! Pete d sol record. Found this on facebook. go pete!

Muse Fan said...
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theotherfakemarc said...

I found Ginger the other night, Thank You! But, am i left to assume this download is no longer available?
Thanks again! Marc

Brian said...

Bonus version of this released December 2014 and it rules.