Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Splitting the Difference # 17 - Fastbacks/Meices (1995, Gearhead)

This 'lil slab of wax is nothing short of a barnburner. The long-running (and now sadly defunct) Seattle denizens The Fastbacks get their punk on in a big way here, rampaging through three UK Subs covers within the span of a mere five minutes! As intense as anything you're likely to hear this side of a Dead Kennedys or early Bad Religion record. The Meices, who we've previously discussed here, careen their way down Remake Road as well, delivering a blaring, hyper-distorted treatment to the Sonics cult-classic, "She's Waiting." Something tells me the meters in the studio this ditty was tracked at bleed well into the red. Truthfully, the Meices overdo it, but their enthusiasm is without peer.
01. Rat Race
02. I Live in a Car
03. Telephone Numbers

Meices - He's Waiting



abitaman said...

Thanks a million! Never even knew this existed!

jeffen said...

Damn the FBX rule (and I'd never heard of this one either...)

Unknown said...

Man, I have this and never knew that these were UK Subs covers. I just thought they went through some ultra-punxs phase. This record seems more special now.

spavid said...

The link has been updated.