Sunday, June 15, 2008

Catherine Wheel - some eps (1991-93)

Britain's Catherine Wheel came to prominence in an era when it was a veritable necessity for bands to have an equal, if not greater number of b-side tracks as album cuts. A tall, daunting order to say the very least, and although such prolific expectations have lessened these days, there were a number of '90s UK outfits who were up to the task, particularly "shoegazer" and Brit-pop bands ranging from Swervedriver, Boo Radleys, Teenage Fanclub, and yes, Catherine Wheel. Between their scintillating 1992 debut album, Ferment, and these three contemporary eps (and possibly even another that slipped by me) Catherine Wheel had two albums worth of quality material on their hands. The Rob Dickinson-led quartet produced dense, walloping guitar rock amidst a dream-pop subtext that imbued the aforementioned Ferment, and the subsequent Chrome with a feedback-addled purity that Catherine Wheel could only lay claim to.

All ripped from the original CDs, this quartet isn't a bad introduction to CW's more unbridled, nascent period, or for that matter a sweet afterthought for established fans who justifiably opted to pass by the pricey import racks. 
Painful Thing ep (1991)
01. Shallow
02. Spin
03. Painful Thing
04. I Want to Touch You 
I Want to Touch You ep (1992)
01. I Want to Touch You
02. Ursa Major Space Station
03. Collideoscopic
04. Our Friend Joey 
Balloon ep (1992)
01. Balloon
02. Intravenous
03. Let Me Down Again (live)
04. Painful Thing (live) 

Crank ep (1993)
01. Crank
02. Pleasure
03. Tongue Twisted


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