Monday, June 9, 2008

The Windbreakers - Electric Landlady (1991)

The Windbreakers were one of several bands arising from "The New South" indie/jangle-pop scene in the mid-80s. Like many of their cohorts, including REM, Game Theory, and Oh-OK, The Windbreakers were taken under the wing of producer and Let's Active leadman Mitch Easter. The core Windbreakers lineup consisted of Tim Lee and Bobby Sutliff, both talented singer/songwriters who followed solo pursuits, and eventually became power-pop demigods in their own rite.

Electric Landlady was the Windbreakers last hurrah after a respectable stream of inspired albums. Mitch Easter did not produce this record, however he did oversee the Windbreakers second ep, Any Monkey With a Typewriter, which quite amazingly, is appended here as six bonus tracks. With the Windbreakers catalog long out of print, the thoroughly excellent compilation, Time Machine (1982-2002), was issued in 2003 offering 20 career highlights.
02-Big Ideas
03-Keep It On Your Mind
04-Elayne Lies Looking At The Sky
05-Since I Last Saw You
06-The Girl From Washington
07-Devil & The Sea
08-The Wall
09-Do Not Be Afraid
10-Tell Me Something
11-Forever Ago
12-Waltzing Matilda
14-Make A Fool Out Of Me
15-You Never Give Up
16-I Never Thought
17-You Gotta Go Away
18-I'll Be There


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Not to be ungrateful, but last two tracks don't seem to be there.

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