Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Playmates! - Short Wave (1995)

It’s hard to argue with free, and boy did I hit the jackpot with this gratis gem several years ago. As often is the case, I have precious little background to extol on The Playmates, a Japanese trio that belt out their indelibly penetrating power-pop (with that gratifying punk edge) exclusively in English, retaining their native accent of course. “Catchy” can’t even begin to describe the Playmates dexterous, melody-drenched savvy, that consistently finds them employing more hooks into one song than a lesser band would be lucky to accumulate over the course of an entire album. Think Buzzcocks, early Undertones, Pointed Sticks, and dare I say 39/Smooth-era Green Day, but the Playmates tact tends to go down a little smoother than the aforementioned. A quick listen to the material on their MySpace page, all recorded post-Short Wave, finds them adopting a mellower, but no less impressive tenor. The album in question though is mind shatteringly fun and addictive. You have been warned.

01. Love Is You
02. When It Rains
03. Do It Again
04. Sleep
05. Salty Dog
06. Tonight
07. Short Wave
08. Finger Action
09. Yes, It's True
10. Don't Tell Me
11. Leave Me Alone
12. My Little Soul
13. We Don't Wanna Know


cosmo said...

"This blog is dedicated to the freaks and rejects. The lonely and awkward. The last picked. Never picked. The hopeless romantic dreamers. We wouldn't fit in the box they made for us. So much the better for it is a coffin. Don't be bullied. Don't give up. Stay free."

just realized the dedication came from the Wynona Riders first LP "j.d salinger"

thank you for this (and the rest too)

jeff said...

thanks for "the playmates" w.o.!